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List of instances blocked by

This is a list of Mastodon/GNU Social instances blocked by If you think an instance has been unfairly blocked, please open an issue and/or a pull request.

The purpose of this is to be transparent and to collaborate with other admins on identifying those instances that violate the Code of Conduct, or those that tend to contain bad actors who do, and who boost unwanted content into other instances.

Blocked instances

Instance Status* Reason silenced GNUSocial apparent free speech zone** suspended not tagged nfsw content, unwanted follow bots, lolicon*** suspended discrimination, racism, “free speech”, suspended discrimination, racism, “free speech” suspended Ew.*** suspended suspended Doesn’t respect blocks or status privacy, invites to post lolicons*** suspended Cryptomining suspended Exclusive to unwanted follow bots suspended discrimination, racism, “free speech” suspended discrimination, racism, “free speech” suspended discrimination, racism, lolicon***, multiple other violations of our rules suspended promotion of violence and murder, multiple other violations of our rules suspended discrimination, racism, “free speech” suspended discrimination


  • * Silenced vs suspended: silenced means they don’t appear in the Federated timeline, but if someone discovers the accounts somehow (e.g. via replying to another toot) then they can follow and it will appear in their Home view.
  • ** “Free speech zone”: a place where it’s okay to promote e.g. National Socialism because the argument is that open discussion is more important than people’s sensitivities or the denazification laws of Germany/France/etc. The term is not meant in a derogatory way; if there’s a better one, let me know.
  • *** lolicon: sexualized depictions of children

Notes on our instance

We don’t accept:

  • Harrassment, stalking, doxxing
  • Racism, sexism, verbal abuse or advocation thereof
  • Discrimination against gender and sexual minorities, or advocation thereof
  • Violent nationalist propaganda, Nazi symbolism or promoting the ideology of National Socialism
  • Contacting people who made clear they want no contact. Dogpiling/brigading
  • Untagged sexual content, gore, or advertisement
  • Untagged, or automated, or excessive advertisement
  • Bots interacting with users without their explicit requests
  • We are not a “free speech zone.”


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